Thinking Outside the Box - Using Excellent Plants in Creative Ways - CANCELED

On Saturday April 18, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Adam Wheeler, Horticulture Manager at Broken Arrow Nursery will open our third season of Barn Talks with Thinking Outside the Box – Using Excellent Plants in Creative Ways. In this illustrated talk Adam will focus primarily on trees, shrubs and conifers and the ways gardeners can use these plants with a unique approach. He will showcase some of the unique varieties and cultivars available to gardeners – many of which may be new to you – as well as talking about creative ways to utilize more familiar species. This lecture will include insight into the development of unique plants, the use of foliage color and texture and ways to create unexpected accent through the use of pruning and training techniques.

Following the lecture there will be a pop-up plant sale.

HHG Members $25

Non-Members $35

Opening Day

On Friday April 24, 2020

Event Time 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

The garden opens for the season today.

2020 Visiting Hours 

Wednesdays and Fridays 1-4

Saturdays 10-4


On Saturday April 25, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 11:30 am


For many years the selection of Hydrangeas was limited to a few species.  Today, hydrangea breeding has exploded with hundreds of new hybrids, all with specific pruning and site requirements.  By understanding these requirements, you will learn how to select hydrangea and make creative use of this quintessential New England shrub in your garden. Barbara Pierson, Nursery Manager at White Flower Farm, will share new information on the major species available on the market and help you simplify the process of selecting the right hydrangea. You will leave knowing how to get the best flowering and growth from both new and old varieties and Barb will answer the question “Why won’t my Hydrangea bloom?”

A pop-up plant sale will follow the lecture.

HHG Members $25

Non-members $35

Color In Nature - CANCELED

On Saturday April 25, 2020

Event Time 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Careful observation of all the subtle hues and values in nature helps in creating accurate, colorful and unique paintings. Using watercolor in a series of exercises, learn to mix and match these subtle earth tones found in a variety of leaves, petals and other treasures of the garden.

This workshop is taught by Betsy Rogers-Knox. Betsy’s work has been shown widely in the US and was exhibited in London at the Royal Horticultural Botanical Art Show 2016  where she was awarded the prestigious Silver Gilt Award for her series of  six paintings titled The Lifecycle of the Milkweed and Monarch. Her work has been exhibited at the 11- 20th ASBA Annual International Exhibitions in NYC where she received the Eleanor Wunderlich Award in 2015 for her painting titled Dragon Arum.

Limited to 12 participants.

HHG Members $50

Non-Members $65

Boxwood - Best Management Practices

On Saturday May 2, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Boxwood is one of the best-selling plants in the industry, but it can be difficult to grow. In this illustrated talk, Andrea Filippone and Eric “T’ Fleisher, principals of F2 Design, will help you choose the right cultivar and the right location. They will share best management practices to help in growing a strong resilient Boxwood without the use of fertilizers or chemicals. You will learn how to prevent, identify and remove Boxwood Blight and the Boxwood Tree Moth. Let us take the time to understand this beautiful plant so that it can continue to grow well into the future.

Andrea Filippone is a landscape designer and partner for AJF Design and  F2 Environmental Design, bringing together the finest elements of design with ecologically sound scientific practice. Ms. Filippone, a Watson Fellow, and a former instructor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, has spent most of her career working in architecture and interior design. Eric “T” Fleisher is principal of F2 Environmental Design. A national leader in the field of sustainable horticulture, soils, and ecological restoration, Fleisher has developed a wide range of sustainable land stewardship projects including Battery Park City and Harvard University.

HHG Members $25

Non-Members $35

The Story of a Garden - Creating Coltsfoot

On Saturday May 9, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Over the past sixteen years Juliet and John Hubbard have created an enchanting cottage garden around the colonial house that has in the Hubbard family for over 100 years. Local scenery frames a series of perennial and vegetable gardens which are formal in composition but softened by the informal planting of old-fashioned roses, peonies, irises and day lilies. Further creating a sense of abundance are the drifts of self-sowing flowers. Follow Juliet as she shares her story of designing, creating and gardening at Coltsfoot.

Juliet Hubbard trained in horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden and went on to become Curator of their Native Plant Collection. In that position she lectured widely and wrote about wildflowers. Her garden has been on numerous garden tours and featured in magazines.

HHG Members $25

Non-Members $35

Smartphone Photography Basics for the Garden

On Saturday May 16, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Current smartphones and tablets offer simple to use, dynamic, professional-level camera systems. Learn about the basics of your device’s camera functions and how to compose better images of your garden and landscapes.  Taught by our highly experienced instructor and professional photographer Thad Kubis, this class will provide a hands-on, application-based introduction to composition, editing, posting, sharing, archiving, and more! This two-hour session will be especially targeted to garden, floral and landscape photography.

This introductory class will begin with an overview of smartphone camera systems and functionality, followed by applications and practice.  It is suitable for users of iPhones models 6 to 11, similar Android models and tablets. Participants will receive Thad’s guide to smartphone photography. All should bring their fully charged devices to learn more about the functions and expand their photographic skill set.

Thaddeus Kubis is a published, award-winning editorial, documentary and fine art photographer and instructor. With over 25 years experience he will show you how to stop taking pictures and start creating images.

Limited to 20 participants.

HHG Members $40

Non-Members $50


Making Composition Work for You

On Friday May 22, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Understanding and applying just a few key principles of composition will bring strength, balance and the “wow” factor to your artwork in any medium. We will explore a range of basic principles and techniques through observation of Great Masters’ works of art and a variety of short exercises in pencil. These exercises include: focal point, format, balance, leading the eye and The Rule of Thirds.

This workshop is taught by Betsy Rogers-Knox. Betsy’s work has been shown widely in the US and was exhibited in London at the Royal Horticultural Botanical Art Show 2016  where she was awarded the prestigious Silver Gilt Award for her series of  six paintings titled The Lifecycle of the Milkweed and Monarch. Her work has been exhibited at the 11- 20th ASBA Annual International Exhibitions in NYC where she received the Eleanor Wunderlich Award in 2015 for her painting titled Dragon Arum.

Limited to 12 participants.

HHG Members $95

Non-Members $125

Non-Stop Plants - A Garden for 365 Days

On Saturday May 23, 2020

Event Time 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Want to make a garden for all seasons? Margaret Roach loves looking out her windows 365 days a year—not just in “garden season.” Expressions commonly heard each September like “the season’s almost over” don’t sit well with her. She worked hard to make her place in the Hudson Valley a visual treat every day of the year, not just May to September.In this talk, you’ll meet the plants and the philosophy that make it happen, delivered with a dose of “horticultural how-to and woo-woo.”


Margaret Roach began her journalism career at the New York Times and Newsday before being hired by Martha Stewart as her first garden editor. She became head of the Internet-Direct Commerce division and then EVP/Editorial Director of MSLO’s magazines, books and internet. In 2008 she moved full time to her garden in upstate New York. Margaret created, reflecting her passion for plants, authored And I Shall Have Some Peace There and The Backyard Parables, and the revamped A Way to Garden. She shares her passion in lectures and webinars and on her award-winning public-radio show and podcast, also called A Way to Garden

HHG Members $25

Non-Members $35

Flower Arranging with Market Flowers

On Friday May 29, 2020

Event Time 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Learn how to create your own professional-looking arrangements using store bought flowers. You will see how applying simple design principles with fresh flowers from the market can produce a beautiful arrangement in an elegant glass compote. Jennifer Henderson will demonstrate how to execute a stylish, sophisticated design and guide you in creating one for you to take home. While you work you ware invited to enjoy a glass of spring rosé to celebrate the season!

Please bring your own floral snips.  Flowers, compotes and wine with be provided. 

HHG Members  $85 (includes a $50 materials fee)

Non’Members $95 (includes a $50 materials fee)


Jennifer Morvan Henderson is an interior designer, and self-professed food, garden and flower enthusiast.  Educated in the fields of Architectural History and Preservation, her designs focus on craftsmanship, detail, and beauty.  She believes in the creation of home: a world that is comfortable, filled with beauty, and ideally shared with family and friends and a wonderful meal.  She currently lives in Hamden with her husband, two daughters, miniature dachshund and six chickens.

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