Waking Up Your Garden

Spring cleaning in the garden is crucial to get shrubs and herbaceous borders looking their best and to prepare vegetable and herb beds for a bountiful year.  Daryl Beyers will review a checklist of earth-friendly gardening tasks to be performed during spring maintenance based on the key elements of soil, trees and  shrubs, herbaceous perennials, vegetables … Read more

Making Composition Work for You

Understanding and applying just a few key principles of composition will bring strength, balance and the “wow” factor to your artwork in any medium. We will explore a range of basic principles and techniques through observation of Great Masters’ works of art and a variety of short exercises in pencil. These exercises include: focal point, … Read more

Designing Your Garden From Scratch

Are you planning to make a garden? Before you do anything let Page Dickey  illustrate and discuss some key elements to consider: connecting the garden to the house deciding on a style – formal or informal, prim or wild the importance of paths and routes terraces and hardscaping (brick, gravel, stone) establishing bones (trees, shrubs … Read more

Thinking Outside the Box: Using Excellent Plants in Creative Ways

Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden, Connecticut will share knowledge of  trees, shrubs and conifers that are often overlooked by gardeners and landscape designers when planning gardens.  This expert plantsman will present creative and unique approaches to using these plants. Gain insight into the development of unusual plants, the value and use of foliage … Read more

Mind Your Matrix: Successful Plant Combinations to Create a Living Landscape

Robert Clyde Anderson returns to Hollister House Garden to share his methods for the technique of Matrix planting. If you haven’t heard about matrix planting, you will soon. Essentially the planting of three to five equally competitive plants that are vigorous enough to act as a “living mulch” to provide weed suppression and moisture retention around … Read more

Color in Nature

Careful observation of all the subtle hues and values in nature helps in creating accurate, colorful and unique paintings. Using watercolor in a series of exercises, learn to mix and match these subtle earth tones found in a variety of leaves, petals and other treasures of the garden. The watercolor workshops at Hollister House Garden … Read more

Life in the Studio

Join Frances Palmer as she discusses the links between her exquisite pottery and the beautiful flowers that she grows just outside her studio in two bountiful cutting gardens.  The planting of both gardens has been organized for seasonal blooms beginning in early spring and continuing through to the last chrysanthemums in November. In this illustrated … Read more

The Sweet Sounds of Spring

As part of their Music in Great Spaces series the Waterbury Symphony presents The Sweet Sounds of Spring with Harmonia V Woodwind Quintet. This concert will take place in the barn at Hollister House Garden. Seating is limited and advance purchase is required. Masks required in the barn. Additional information and reservations here

The Story of a Garden: Creating Coltsfoot

Over the past sixteen years Juliet and John Hubbard have created an enchanting cottage garden around the colonial house that has been in the Hubbard family for over 100 years. Local scenery frames a series of perennial and vegetable gardens which are formal in composition but softened by the informal planting of old-fashioned roses, peonies, … Read more

Go Beyond the Basics: Smartphone Photography for the Garden

Nearly all smartphones/tablets offer simple-to-use, professional-level camera systems. Go beyond the basics of your device’s camera, and learn how to integrate these controls and create images of your garden, house, and landscapes.  Taught by our highly experienced instructor and professional photographer Thad Kubis, this class will provide a hands-on, application-based introduction to composition, editing, posting, … Read more

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